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I just funded the Enjin site for another 90 days. If it doesn't get much more use, this will probably be the *final* 90 days for it.

Hope all's well! :)

FREEWHEELING, TOMIN KORA - Wealthstar, a holovid program dedicated to coverage of commerce in the Orion Arm, this year took the unprecedented step of declaring the domed city of Freewheeling on Tomin Kora as the Orion Arm's "Top Business City."

James Harmon, editor and publisher of Wealthstar, told CNB that the program chose Freewheeling "because it's time to recognize the fertile environment of ambition, drive, and entrepreneurship that's fostered on a world like Tomin Kora."

In the past, cities chosen by Wealthstar for this honor have at least been eligible for enterprise grants from foreign governments. However, no legitimate government openly provides grants or loans to startups that intend to base themselves in the heart of a territory known for widespread criminal activity.

SAN ANGELES, EARTH - Recruiters at a San Angeles office of the Vanguard confirmed tonight that they had turned down the first would-be recruit from the planet Centauri.

Humans made first contact with the crystalline jellyfish known as Centaurans about a century ago, soon after their home system was visited by the Fort Clatsop. The world had been decimated by Nall invaders shortly before the Earth ship's arrival.

The failed recruit, identified as Yxtltptryn, told CNB that although its species is devoted primarily to peace, it is not impossible for Centaurans to defend themselves or even under some circumstances to make war.

"The Consortium has helped my people a great deal during the past century," the alien said in a statement. "I offered my service as small compensation for that support."

Vanguard officials said pacifistic tendencies, physical fragility, and stigma against telepathic intrusions by aliens all work against the prospect of a Centauran in the Consortium's military service.

NELSESUIN, NALHOM - Eight conspirators are dead after a raid by forces from the Clawed Fist Fleet.

The conspirators were scheming to assassinate members of the Order Council during an upcoming military awards ceremony.

Names haven't been released, but at least five are said to have been members of the Grimlahdi terrorist cell known as the Insurgent Star.

Nall warriors suffered only minor casualties.

SAN ANGELES, EARTH - The Stellar Consortium Council in coming weeks is set to consider legislation that would confer spousal benefits to government employees who consider themselves married to an artificial intelligence entity.

The issue came up when a clerk in the Consortium records office in San Angeles, Jefford Quillory, asked that his autonomous AI companion known as Rashida get any benefits in the event of his death to ensure that she's properly maintained after his demise.

Under current policy, AI are not qualified to receive benefits.

Anyone still reading this? :)
will be back in game soon, work kinda got me again.
i swear i am gonna play more...damn work...
FYI: [link] reports a major outage at its data center in Atlanta - where OtherSpace is based. Sorry for the inconvenience. Back online ASAP.
Happy birthday, Colchek! And happy 17th to OtherSpace!
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